Federal Grant Money Scams


Free Grant Money


Maybe you have learned through an internet or television ad, or even an uninvited phone call from a very official sounding agency, most of you have heard about the so-called “free grants” that can be used for your college tuition, buying a home, paying bills or many other costs. However different the pitch, these phone calls and ads almost always say that to qualify for FREE money is fill out an application, one that will almost certainly be approved.

If you check with Federal Trade Commission, the agency that protects consumers from dishonest business practices, unfortunately these free grant offers are usually scams. There are many different types of federal government grant scams.




Free Grant Money Scam


You may find these unsuspecting ads placed on the internet or in newspapers by scammers. They will post a toll free phone number for you to call to receive more information. These con artists lie about their products and have made up titles to fool the consumer, through false telemarketing tactics.


When you receive the call you will hear an official sounding government agency such as for example “Federal Grants Agency.” In the beginning they ask you some very basic questions to find out if you are qualified, setting you up to be scammed. If you contact the FTC, you will find out that these are always from scamsters, because no real federal agency calls consumers in this way. Just one of the many US Government Grant Scams!

Free Grant Money Scams?
Once they have you believing that you are qualified for a grant, they will now ask for your bank account info so they can supposedly deposit the funds in your account. Sometimes they will ask for your credit card info so you can wire money for processing fees? This is just a few of the ploys the dishonest artist use and you will definitely never see any of that money again. Your bank account will be emptied and the credit card information will be used for fraudulent charges.

To avoid becoming a victim of a grant scam, the Federal Trade Commission advises consumers to take the following precautions:

1. Never share your banking or credit card information Scam operators are adept at convincing people to share their information. The bottom line is that you should never give your information to anyone, unless you know the company and what the information will be used for. 

2. Never pay for a “free grant” No legitimate company, and certainly no government agency, is going to charge you for something that’s supposed to be free. Government agencies will never ask you to pay a fee to process a grant, nor will they charge you for a list of legitimate grant-awarding agencies. Those resources are free and available to the public at any library, or online at www.grants.gov.


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How To Learn SEO?

download (2)



Free Online SEO Training


Lots of people believe that SEO is very difficult, nothing is further from the truth. The basic SEO composition of sorts is so very easy to use, and many times this is all that is needed for the greatest exposure to all of the major search engines. So, it is imperative that you learn the simple steps in SEO, I have listed the main five for you. This is how to learn SEO?


1. Improve your titles, descriptions and URL’s

This is definitely one of the oldest facts in the SEO world, also probably the most important. Use these two pictures and test yourself with these questions.






Does one explains more?

Which one stands out and seems the best phrase for the reader?

Does one give you a much clearer idea of exactly what the website is about even before you click?

Okay, if you were looking at both of these search results, tell me which one would you click on? It is really obvious isn’t it?

Of course, the first example is the one you would pick because it shows:


A particular and understandable title (it is very unique)

A fetching description

A URL that is formatted exactly right

Now have a look at your own website with these facts in mind. Do you think there might be possible areas you could improve your descriptions or titles? If so, this should be the first thing you change, to improve your rankings!


download (33) .

2. Fresh Content Is a Must

Okay, what was the reason you have your blog or website? Wasn’t is to give your readers true and honest content, with this trust you will build your audience. Your followers will like what you write and you can possibly gain new readers. Content is made up of reviews, articles, music, slideshows, videos, and infographics, anything that is relevant to your niche.

Don’t let your content get old and dusty, readers know this and they will leave and never come back. Think about how you feel when you visit a website that is so out of date, the content has no value, does it? Well, this is how your own readers feel if you don’t improve your content constantly.

The competition is so big for every single keyword that you search, and if your content is useful and up to date (fresh content) who do you think will rank the best? You will of course!

Okay, so how often should you post fresh content? Daily? Not always, there are other factors that play into this as well.  I am speaking of publishing strategy. What is this? What’s most important now? Technology, process, or content? Publishing strategy is, the different types of publications available to researchers in the sciences and when it is appropriate (and most beneficial) to publish them. You will have your own brand of this, we all keep up with what is in the new or popular at this time in our lives.


3. Your website’s loading time can be improved

You should always try to improve the loading time for your website because the page speed is so very important for SEO.  This is a constant effort to keep your website running in top notch shape.

These steps are simple but so very important:


First Factor- Page Speeds – if you have two similar websites and the one is faster than the other, you can see that it will also rank higher.

Second Factor- Your faster website will put out absolutely more conversions- Yes this also means MORE sales, more ads are clicked and many more RSS subscribers. (For example, this is great if you are using Adsense)

Third Factor- Greater page views- time is so important to everyone these days, so whenever your website loads faster, your visitors are more apt to visit more than one page before leaving your site.



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Simple Stress Relief Techniques



Stress Busters

According to the American Psychological Association, 
20 percent of Americans say they’re not doing anything to relieve or be in charge of their stress. Incorporate these great 16 stress busters to help rule your pressure. Make a daily plan to use these simple stress relief techniques.



  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Brew apple cider vinegar, one-half cup in boiling water, then simply inhale the steam. This is wonderful for easing stress, and an added plus, it will aid in soothing a sinus headache.




  1. Exercise Is a Must

It has been studied and it is a fact that exercise will supply you with energy, boost brain fitness functions, raises concentration, and the best aid of all, exercise sets free those awesome stress fighting endorphins.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, states that it will only take five minutes of aerobic exercise to gain the effects and feel the fight against anxiety.


  1. Magnesium Is Very Important

Our wonderfully able body will release magnesium to fight the hormones of stress. You don’t want to become deficient in magnesium, and this can happen rapidly and then your body will be at risk for an abnormal heartbeat, high blood pressure, and be at a much greater risk of a heart attack.

Please add fresh green leafy vegetables, nuts, and beans (you can take a magnesium supplement daily, but the food choices are so much better) to fulfill your body’s magnesium.


  1. Orange Juice’s Benefits                                   download (2)

  It is a known fact that vitamin C aids in the reduction of the common stress causing hormones such as cortisol. Drink a glass or two of orange juice daily to achieve that onboard supply of vitamin C. 






  1. Ten Minute Break

Did you know that an important Social Psychological and Personality Science study discovered that if you do something you enjoy or are interested in, will recharge your energy supply? Okay, are you feeling stressed out? Allow yourself that 10-minute break to refresh your mind, by researching or doing something relaxing that sparks your interest.


images (1)


  1. Laughter-Best Medicine

I am sure you have heard that laughter is the best medicine, but did you know the Mayo Clinic says that laughter will, in fact, improve your immune system, personal enjoyment and your mood over time. The reason laughing can fix stress, it causes your body to release endorphins, which relaxes you and also eases muscle tension.


  1. Name Those Negative Feelings

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project suggests labeling negative feelings in one or two words. “It’s odd how calming it is,” she says. Say “I’m overwhelmed” or “I’m frazzled” to slap a quick label on those feelings. Once you name these feelings you will be so surprised how much better you feel.


  1. Well Fed and Cleanliness

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, make sure and have some. This way your stomach doesn’t rumble and become bothersome that will amp up that stress. Don’t forget to get a shower, wash that hair, don’t let dirty hair stress you out!  Lifehacker.com says staying accurately fed, can absolutely turn your mood around.


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How To Quit Your Job And Make Money From Home






You Can Make Money Blogging in 2016

 I am sure you have taken notice of all the media coverage surrounding the new blogging craze which is sweeping the country. If you haven’t already heard about it, ordinary people of all ages, some even in their 80’s, are reporting to be making money from home using a simple free blog.

Because it’s so easy to do, People all around the globe are now trying it out for themselves just to see if they can join the current style of earning money online to supplement their income, and in some cases, quitting their jobs! Yes, may work full time and you can make money blogging in 2016.

So why has all of this come about? The answer is, so many people are looking to supplement their incomes, and thanks to a new blog platform called Wealthy Affiliate(WA, see my review here), where anybody can start a blog and have it online in minutes with no skills required. It’s so simple to do that everyone from school children to grandparents are now beginning to blog and have some fantastic success stories.



Thousands Of People Are Making Money Every Day From Free Blogging Websites!

So we know that making a blog is now as easy as 1-2-3, but I wondered, how do you actually make money from it?

There are so many ways you can profit from owning a blog website. We all know about the semi-famous millionaire bloggers, but these guys are really rare. You have to set your goals more realistically, so we recommend aiming to earn around $1000 – $3000 per month, in the beginning. Always, set you some goals, so you have something to aim for.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate, proven way to set up a blog live on the internet, which allows you to earn an income from advertising for other people. You actually promote other people’s products and earn money for yourself. You get two free blog websites, plus hosting, training, community help, to build your business blog website. To make money from your blog, you must be prepared to post at least two 500-word blog post per week.

We recommend aiming to earn around $1000 – $3000 per month, you may set your goals higher if you are a go-getter. If you love to write about your hobby, etc.

Major Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

Companies like Google, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Microsoft, Nike, allow you to add their advertising to your blog with just a few clicks thanks to the easy applications to their affiliate programs. Wealthy Affiliate is not something which you turn on, go to bed and have made money overnight. Anything which claims to be able to do this is a scam and does not exist. WA is a real program, and you must write blog posts weekly to earn a steady additional income. You will NOT make money in your first month. We expect it will take you, at least, ten blog posts and a month or so to get your blog established on the internet. There are approximately 508, 000 members, many are making a full-time income.


images (10)


I am not the only one walking this path. When I see other people in Wealthy Affiliate sharing their experience, it makes my direction clear and I am motivated to keep putting in my hard work every day. I have  supplemental income coming in each and every month. Here are a few of the testimonials.  You must see these! 


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How to make money online?

Linda McRae (3)




How to Make Money from Home with NO SCAMS


My name is Linda. I am 59 years old, a real person in this exciting internet marketing world.  I have been kicking the idea of affiliate marketing around for many years, and mainly all I received was a kick back! I am a retired Postmaster from the USPS, I had worked for 25 years. The Postal Service was my career and I accomplished many of my goals in those years. I have been retired for almost 7 years. Now, my question is, how to make money online?

For more years than I can count, I have dreamed of working from home. It was one of those gnawing things, I knew or heard of so many people that make money from home with their computer and I wanted to do that also!

I married my best friend, in 2001, this was my third marriage, I am not a young lady, I am a mature, almost senior citizen! smiley  I gained a grown stepdaughter. So, now I have two daughters. Before downsizing in our life, we owned a daylily farm, and business, "The Daylily Barn." It was such a dream business, to grow thousands of varieties of daylilies, and put them on our website or sell them on the Daylily Auction. We would ship them bare root to our customers. It was such an awesome privilege to get to wake up and take a cup of coffee out onto the porch and see all of the wondrous colors that were in our daylily fields. Nothing could be more beautiful and bring one more comfort and amazement.             


Purple_Popsicle Nyokla Laconda (My daughter's name that means Sun Goddess in Cherokee)










                                                                            Purple Popsicle

Here are the first four daylilies we named and registered.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Lipstick Intersection                            Redneck Gal                                       












Since we were getting older, and it was not as easy for us to work in the fields anymore. We decided to move to a smaller home, with less acreage, so we could handle the upkeep all by ourselves. I had never given up my dream of working from home. Within my hopes to get into the internet world and learn the ways to make money from h, I have been trained by a few gurus, Jeff Johnson, The Rich Jerk, Ewen Chia, Stone Evans, this list goes on and on.  sad These were the entrepreneurs of that time.


images (5)


I NEVER made any income, I did learn things, but what was taught back then was all scrambled up and you had the darnest time with it! I spent lots and lots of money and received no return. There are many con artists online, just lurking around waiting to take your hard earned money! It just is not fair, they gain your trust then they pull you into their money making scheme, the bad thing is the only one that makes any money is them!

This is why the scam artist upset me so bad, hence, the subject of two out of three of my websites I have now, all designed and hosted here at a wonderful educational program, that you can begin for free. Yes, put that credit card away, you can try this out for free for 7 days. I am sure you will know if this is what you are looking for a career or not.


images (3)

You get two free websites, plus hosting, training, community help, to build your business website. If you have ever been interested in affiliate marketing, this is the platform for you. Can you promote other people's products and make money for yourself? Absolutely! This is called affiliate marketing. I love affiliate marketing; I love the work at home appeal. I just am happy I have found a community that teaches the REAL deal! I now have been taught to make money at home

You get all kinds of training, lessons that are step by step, and even videos if you prefer to watch and listen. They are not only the most helpful bunch of folks, but they are the friendliest also! You know how social sites like Facebook and Twitter are, but instead of keeping up with what is happening in your friend’s world, or reading all the funny jokes, the focus here is on people helping one another to express their passions to make some money online with them.


How To Make Money From Home From Your Hobby


You can take your hobby and turn it into your home based business. This keeps it simple and you can do what you love every single day, as you make money. Do you like to paint, hunt, fish, camp, cook, build, woodwork, crochet, knit, sew, gardening, play video games, fan of sports……..I could go on and on? Yes, you can take this love of your hobby and turn it into a home business.

Make money at home from anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection. It is really that simple! Okay, I am going to use Fishing Lures as an example to show you how anyone can do this! I don’t know a lot about fishing lures, that is my husband’s thing! smiley


images (4)



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Office Workout Ideas

Image 12


My Achy Breaky Back And Neck


Sitting at a desk all day changes your posture, and smaller muscles take on the work of larger back muscles to support your body.  These muscles become strained, leading not only to pain but to back and neck problems, too. Then, we complain about our achy breaky back and neck.  A few exercises each day can help relieve some of your pain as well as keep your spine aligned for a healthier back and neck. Hence, we have a few office workout ideas. Could be as simple as a 5 minute office workout, or a10 minute office workout what ever your time will allow. 


Office Exercise Tips


When it hurts to bend over, pick something up or sit down, it’s time to fix our back pain.Adopt some regular office workout routines. Many with this economy are working from home in their home offices.  Add these exercises into your daily routine to feel the relief. WARNING: If you already have a back injury or have had surgery, check with a physician before do any of these exercises.


Back Exercises- We Enlist The Best Office Exercises

BEND BACKWARD: With hands on your lower back, slowly bend backward 10 times.  Do this a few times throughout the day to alleviate pain caused from bending forward and sitting.

Image 8


BACK EXTENSION:  At the end of the day, lie face down on the floor and slowly lift yourself up, resting on your forearms.  Hold that position for up to four minutes, and breathe deeply.  Lower yourself back to the ground, and lift yourself up, straightening your arms so your palms are on the ground.  Repeat at least 10 times to realign the vertebrae of your spine.

Image 9


TABLETOP:  Place your hands against a wall in front of your waist.  Back up, and bend over to create a straight back from your waist to the wall.  Breathe deeply, and arch your back downward so your stomach is curved toward the floor, keeping your hands firmly in place on the wall.  Hold for several seconds, and repeat throughout the day to lengthen the spine.


Image 10


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How to Create A Free Website In Under 30 Seconds





How to Build A WordPress website In 30 Seconds?


I bet you have wondered how to build a free WordPress site? Have you always wanted to have your own website? So you ask this question, “how to build a WordPress website in 30 seconds”? Yeah, sure, I was not born yesterday! Are you kidding me? Believe it or not you can build a website in ONLY 30 seconds, or under. It is true!


images (15)




Build Website Using WordPress


As a matter of fact, I am not kidding and what if that website was free?  (You can actually get two WordPress websites and hosting for free!)  If you are interested, all you have to do is sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account, which is a wonderful place that works somewhat like social sites, for instance Facebook and Twitter work except instead of there being a focus on sharing funny videos and jokes there's a definite focus on people helping one another to express their passions to make some money online with them. Often called an Open Educational Project. You have to check it out, you won’t believe how neat it is!


images (8)


How to build a WordPress Site From Scratch?


The next thing you do is choose a domain name. A domain name is the subject or foundation of your website, and you will want it to be “brandable”.  For example: ebay.com, facebook.com, twitter.com, etc.


Some people make their website brandable by using their name, such as Linda’s Crochet Blog. When choosing this you want to take a lot of time considering your name, because you cannot change it.  I will give you some advice, do not pick a domain name that has dashes in it, like: Linda’s-Crochet-Blog.com. Search engines frown on dashes, and this can hurt your ranking in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Worst of all adding those dashes in your domain you can lose possible customers or readers because they don’t remember the dashes and wind up on the wrong website address.


Now, that you have your domain name for certain, you can now create your new free website in a web builder called SiteRubix that is inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Or you can just enter your domain name below and start your account! Okay, remember this is all for free.




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How to Get Paid for Blogging?

Blog, What is This?


images (8)


Let me see, there are many online sources that will explain what is a blog and blogging. There are still plenty of people that don't know what a blog is and ask what is a blog used for?  Mainly they help you stay up to date about all the topics that you are passionate and interested in. I know everyone wants to know how to get paid for blogging? What many don't know is you can have a blogging business. Okay, what is a blogging business?







What is a Blog Business?

The first step when you explain blogging business to someone is telling them what a blog really is. A blog can be a website by itself or it can be part of another website.  The upkeep on a blog is pretty simple, you just have to supply it with frequent personal stories, entries, description of different events, commentaries, videos and graphics. A personal blog keeps your readers up to date about all of the events and day to day topics in your life. Your entries are usually displayed in a reversed chronological order. The title or name of the blog is usually used to brand yourself. Many people use their own names as the title, others seem to use a business name or even a phrase that describes the topic of the blog. A blog business is usually made up of articles called blogs or post, and it also displays ads for companies, or sells a product.


images (2)



What is a Blog Article?

A blog article is the same as a blog post, which share information about a topic on which they have significant knowledge or experience. A blog can be helpful to others. Many people spend hours online searching for information on a subject and a blog can be a good outlet for them to find answers to the problem or questions that they have.


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Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Best Free Keyword Research Tool/ The Only Research Platform you Need


An Awesome SEO Keyword Tool, created by Kyle and Carson, the owners of a very successful Open Education Project for marketing and training, named Wealthy Affiliate. I am writing this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review to show the readers what a valuable bargain Jaaxy really is! I also give Jaaxy an Over All Ranking: 10 out of 10. Keyword Competition- Only available with Jaaxy. Knowing the competition that a keyword has in the search engine is the single most valuable piece of data that you can have.  Without knowing how many websites are ranked for a keyword, you are rolling the dice.  It’s why keyword tools in the past have never worked for you!

This powerful keyword marketing tool has the ability to display the many phases or broad ideas and give full detail about traffic and competition also. Any serious internet marketer knows the necessity of having fresh ideas and some detail about the niche or opportunity that they are promoting. Some just call it a lucrative SEO keyword search tool, a must have for Google rankings on page 1.  If you want to check it out, take it for a test drive, you will find it is the handiest free keyword research tool online, for 30 searches.

Let’s get some more details about Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a Premium Keyword Niche and Site Research Software. Are you looking for  high quality keywords for your internet campaigns? Simply perform a seach below:

                                   FREE KEYWORD SEARCH TOOL





What can Jaaxy Do?

As you can see all the things Jaaxy can do! You can read about all these super features!

  1. Domain Flipping- Real Case Study
  2. Lightening Fast Niche Research
  3. Comprehensive Keyword Research
  4. Accurate Competition Metrics
  5. Using Jaaxy Data To Move Forward
  6. Co-Founder Kyle Going Bonkers For Jaaxy




But you still have many extra features and tools left to consider!

Keywords Tool:


On the sidebar of your search you should see:

Avg. (Monthly Searches): the number of searches a keyword has per month. This is the total search traffic for that keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo combined. The recommended minimum is 50 monthly searches, if your plan is to write an article around that keyword.

Estimated Traffic: actual monthly traffic you’ll get if your site ranks on Google’s first result page. This is the lowest estimated traffic for those ranks, so you may be surprised if you see even more visits coming in.

Quoted Search Results (QSR): tells you how many pages are competing for the same exact keyword or keyphrase on Google. Jaaxy uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to determine precise keyword competition within search engines to give you a reliable figure. The lower this number is the better. When you’re just starting, aim for the low hanging fruit keywords (I’ll talk about this concept later) which is less than 100. A pretty good number is 200 and 300 is good. Over that things start to become harder and harder for you to rank.

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): the traffic light system indicator shows you a green, yellow or red light to classify your keyword. Red is poor, Yellow is good and Green is great.

SEO Power: based on the previous scores and ranging from 0 to 100, this metric tells you if your keyword is good for SEO. Meaning: how easy it is to rank for a specific keyword and if you’ll get an acceptable amount of visitors. The higher the number is the better. Over 80 is really good.

Domain Search: checks and tells you if there are exact match domain names for 8 different TLDs (domain extensions) available for your chosen keyword.

To Do: allows you to add your keyword to a to do list and connects it to StreetArticles.com , a top article marketing website.

Related Keywords: Jaaxy suggests closely related keywords or keyphrases for you to dig deep into your keyword quest.

Site Rank: great for checking how well your site or post is ranking. You can even use it to see how your competition is doing.

Alphabet Soup: takes advantage of Google Instant feature to add all letters of the alphabet to your keyword/keyphrase based on actual searches people are doing to give you even more long tail keyword ideas.

 Saved Lists: compile your keywords into lists to better organize them by topic or niche. Just check which ones look good on your search results and save them to a keyword list. Later on, you can deepen your analysis and study how good those keywords really are in terms of potential traffic and competition. Keyword lists can be exported in .CSV or .TXT ,so that you can import them into your favorite spreadsheet application and evaluate them offline.
You’re also able to rename your Saved Lists later or open them, select some of the keywords and save them again in a different (maybe a more targeted) keyword list.

Search History: use it to remember your previous keyword searches even if you did not save those keywords to your saved lists.

Search Analysis: See which sites/pages are listed on the top 10 positions of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Great to know everything about your competition. Check on competition:


  1. how many words are being used on those pages
  2. number of backlinks to those websites/pages (backlinks help boosting site rankings)
  3. title, URL, meta description and meta keywords
  4. outbound links
  5. Google Pagerank
  6. Alexa rank
  7. Google AdSense


Affiliate Programs: after you found your keyword you need to know if there’s money to be made in that niche. This tool finds affiliate programs and products for you to promote and earn money from.

Brainstorm: a nice feature that helps you overcome writer’s block or those times when you have no more ideas for what niche to go for, so brainstorm! It picks the latest trends from Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends.


***I spoke of the concept of low hanging fruit and I promised to discuss it later, but this video gives the true definition of:

Low hanging fruit video    (You will also get a sneak peek inside Wealthy Affiliate)


Written by Kyle, Co-Owner:
Jaaxy is one of the most powerful keyword research suite on the market and it also has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs. 


You Can Make Money With Jaaxy!

When you are using Jaaxy you can generate income in a couple of ways. One of them is by searching for relevant key words and use them to generate traffic to your website, which in return increases your ranking on Google. So, as you can see Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool & SEO keyword search tool on the market! The chart above shows the levels of income you can receive by using Jaaxy’s affiliate program!


There is so much more valuable information to learn about Jaaxy, don’t forget to click on the read more button! 🙂



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Psychological Super Powers to Help You Succeed



Succeed With Psychological Super Powers

It's universally agreed on by 9-to-5ers across the nation that Monday is the worst day of the week.  It marks the end of a fun weekend and the beginning of a long week, and we often go into it with the expectation that it is going to be awful.  First, your alarm doesn't go off and you're running late; then, you're stuck in the worst traffic ever. This blog will explain how psychological super powers to help you succeed.

But what if there is a psychological force driving this horrible day?  The power of suggestion is a highly studied phenomenon that's responsible for the placebo effect and, according to a study in a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, many other aspects of your day-to-day life.

Our response expectancies can alter the way we react, perform and lead our lives each day.  Because we already expect Monday to be a stressful day, we are more likely to act in a way that makes that expectation a reality.  Perhaps your negative attitude toward ending your weekend led you to be careless with your alarm and running late simply reinforces your anticipation of this day being the worst. 


Fortunately, the power of suggestion can certainly work in your favor as well.  For example, if you try a new supplement before doing your normal workout routine and a friend has already told you it works wonders, your response expectancy is to have a better-than-usual workout.  This expectation could cause you to have more energy and work harder.

Stores often utilize the power of suggestion by claiming their products are 'on sale,' when really the prices are simply inflated so customers have the expectation of getting a good deal.  Shoppers are more likely to buy an item of equal quality from the store claiming it's 50 to 60 percent off than from the store offering the item not 'on sale' at the same price.  Saving money is something that makes most people happy, so when you see "You saved $100 today!" on a receipt, the expectation is that when you shop at this store you're a savvy shopper.



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