Frugal Money Saving Ideas


How to save money on my own?

The days are gone when we were feasting on Ramen noodles, passing discount pasta from a wrapper off as the best dining. Ask yourself, how can I save some money?


Although we may have more saved up now than when our grocery store purchases consisted of beans and cornbread, how can we tell ourselves that our financial situation is getting better? We can easily put in place a few frugal money saving ideas, or free money saving tips.


Spend less, save more is the key to financial success.  Some say saving at least six months’ worth of living expenses, while some definitely feel it’s wise to keep a year’s savings stuck away in case of an unplanned job loss or an unforeseen medical problem.  Here are some easy tips to save money.


Become Your Own Boss.

Act just like you own a company.  You are the boss; you get paid first.  This money will go immediately into your savings while the rest will be divided between your bills, pleasure or other costs you may have along the way.



Expectations Of The Worst.

Our lives never really go exactly as planned, so always be ready, stay one step ahead.  Take into consideration how much your wedding, your future children, pets and another major cost will affect your lifestyle.  A budget has to be practical.  As an added bonus, while considering certain costs, you may realize some are not needed.


What Debt?

If saving and paying your debt at the same time sounds more like some type of magic, it’s actually possible. Remember your high-interest debts should always be paid off as soon as possible.



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